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Axis P3715-PLVE

The applications and functions offered by panoramic cameras Axis Communications have focused the webinar made by the experts of the company Guillermo López and Verónica del Hoyo.

Application analysis, advantages and possibilities offered by panoramic cameras Axis Communications have focused the webinar performed by Guillermo Lopez, sales engineer and Veronica del Hoyo, key account manager in this company.

Panoramic cameras have become a fundamental element to improve security in an installation, covering large perimeters with the use of only one camera, with applications such as monitoring activities and detecting incidents, control the transit of people and improve the management of areas.

These devices have a much wider field of view –Between 180 360 degrees– and flexible than that of conventional cameras, so they are ideal for the video surveillance of large spaces and perimeters with a single computer, large dimensions from the implementation of a single device to manage different zones.

Thanks to this, cost savings are achieved in the installation of systems and associated expenses (software licenses, wired, Etc.) with great efficiency and reliability, with reduced blind spots.

Axis panoramica

Types of panoramic cameras and uses

Fisheye or single-sensor cameras: used especially for indoors and outdoors, with or without light, offer an overview of the environment and are especially suitable for installation in small and medium-sized establishments, Restaurants, public areas, offices and banks.

Multisensor cameras: they stand out for their easy installation and for offering a 180º panorama. They are a perfect solution for large outdoor spaces with influx of people, like airports, train stations, schoolyards, charging ports, Stadiums, hotel lobbies or car parks.

Multi-cameras: allow you to have four cameras in one. An example of this is the new Axis model P3715-PLVE, especially indicated when two-way surveillance is necessary (Halls, intersections and walls of buildings), in logistics facilities, Establishments, train stations, urban surveillance, hospitals and more.

Multisensors with motorized domes: the company has developed an advanced video surveillance device -Axis Q60-E-combining the functions of a 360° multisensor camera and a PTZ, that is powered and controlled through a single network cable.

Axis Q6078-E

Within this segment, the manufacturer has cameras that incorporate audio detection analytics, that can alert operators and act as a valuable complement to the video, by creating immediate alerts when sounds such as gunshots are detected, car crashes or screams.

However, directional audio detection is a more advanced feature that allows the camera Axis Q6100-E detect audio incidents and automatically direct an integrated PTZ camera towards the audio source, as it reacts to the rapid increase in the amplitude of the sound signal when a predefined activation level is exceeded.

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