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Axis Live Privacy Shield

During a webinar held by Axis, the company has unveiled the main features of Live Privacy Shield, a solution that allows to protect privacy in video surveillance.

Axis Communications has organized a webinar to publicize Live Privacy Shield, a solution that makes it possible to facilitate remote monitoring of activities, while protecting privacy.

This perimeter-based application, allows compatible cameras to dynamically mask moving objects, people or background, in real time, and both live and recorded video.

To know all the details of its operation, Roberto de los Santos, sales engineer, and Bruno Azula, key account manager of the company showed its uses and applications.

The new webinar conducted by Axis Communications puts on the table the debate on privacy in video surveillance, especially in public places. To do this, Live Privacy Shield solution enables monitoring while protecting privacy, through a versatile edge-based application that dynamically masks in real time.

In this way, it is possible to mask moving objects and people or to do so with the background of the images, helping to comply with privacy regulations, with the deletion of personal data.

During the online meeting, three of the main use cases of Axis Live Privacy Shield were also highlighted: monitoring of production processes, of people's activity complying with privacy requirements in public places, and being able to see people while maintaining the privacy of the image background. And for this this solution hardly needs sophisticated software that makes it more expensive, is easy to use, flexible and very effective.

Types of masking

Axis Communications experts have also analyzed the two most common types of masking in image processing: based on motion and Artificial Intelligence.

Motion-based masking is especially used in the recording of indoor scenes with good and stable lighting and in which the background does not change frequently.

This is a dynamic masking up to 30fps and it is possible to choose the mask, either transparent or solid in color (color masking provides the greatest protection of privacy and allows you to see movements) or tiled (in pixels and showing moving objects or people at very low resolution and allows you to better distinguish shapes when you see the colors of an object).

Tiled masking is suitable for scenes with a lot of movement or to lessen the distractions of unnecessary masking with slider controls for block size.

Masking based on Artificial Intelligence, through which it is possible to mask human forms or background. It's dynamic at 10fps, advisable in the recording of short-range indoor and outdoor scenes and allows the use of mask and color.

It also stands out for being able to plan when the privacy application should be applied and removed. For example, allows you to remove privacy after hours and during weekends and use another edge-based analytics app instead, as Axis Object Analytics. Planning can be done with a video management software such as Axis Camera Station.

Axis experts have agreed to highlight that the issue of privacy versus video surveillance is undoubtedly a right of society, although safety and security are also necessary. So it's not something that should be contradictory., it is only necessary to control and monitor the environment respecting the privacy of people and this increasingly through different video surveillance solutions, It's possible.

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By • 6 Jul, 2021
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