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Axis Q6078-E

The solutions of Axis Communications for smart cities allow from surveillance in the center of operators to the illegal dumping of waste or traffic management, as shown in a recent webinar.

Organized by Axis Communications, the company has organized a webinar that has had the participation of Rafael Ibáñez, key account manager, And Guillermo Lopez, sales engineer, who have explained the main uses of video surveillance in smart cities.

According to UN data, for the year 2050 it is anticipated that intelligent video surveillance will be a fundamental and daily part of the lives of its citizens. Axis' online seminar has revealed how surveillance in operator centres, city buildings, control of illegal dumping of waste or improvement of mobility and traffic management are some of the most common cases to achieve this.

The surveillance solutions that exist can be useful for the three most common types of operator centers: those that are operational every day of the year, those that work for daily surveillance or those intended for cities without operator.

In all of them, but especially in the first, protection of property and persons, solving investigations or optimizing traffic are some of its main functions.

For all these needs, Axis Communications has advanced video surveillance cameras, as the model Q6155-E, that solves once and for all the problems that may arise due to the absence of light, low contrast or spot lights and pulsed light sources.

Regarding the resolution of investigations, experts have highlighted the tool BriefCam, that facilitates the work, detection and extraction accuracy. Through it it is possible to locate people and objects quickly and accurately, and also allows you to review hours of video in minutes, increasing productivity in research.

Safe and efficient cities

Axis smart citiesIn the course of the webinar have also highlighted the advantages of implementing video surveillance in cities, something that is becoming more and more prominent.

The protection of different assets of the city, such as schools or illegal monitoring of waste and improved traffic management, become some of the main needs to be developed by intelligent video surveillance.

The new generation of Axis cameras allows you to identify faces or license plates in an efficient way, even in places with low visibility or in restricted areas.

On issues of Smart Mobility, the video surveillance system has a fundamental role. Analyzing traffic patterns and behaviors in cities is key to redistributing vehicle traffic, both to reduce the time of arrival at specific points and for the prevention of accidents or avoid parking in areas not allowed.

During the meeting, the role of solutions such as Citilog, leveraging the ability of the cloud to improve security and utilization across all areas of a traffic infrastructure. In this way it is possible the automatic detection of incidents (AID), providing simple and effective answers for topics such as access control and lane management.

Monitoring of assets and schools

Axis P1455-LEAnother aspect that has starred in the webinar has been the existence of a comprehensive solution called Axis Radar Autotracking, that provides audio solutions, intrusion protection and access control, for which different interconnected cameras are used (Thermal, Ptz, Radar).

With this webinar on smart cities, Axis Communications continues its program of specialized online meetings. During the month of July there will be a meeting on Axis Live Privacy Shield and another specific one on panoramic cameras.

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By • 30 Jun, 2021
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