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Axis Championship voley cinfo

Four cameras Axis P1447-LE and Q6155-E 50Hz, installed by Cinfo, facilitated the retransmission of this recent meeting, and become part of the security system of the Puerta de Hierro Sports Park.

Following the recent celebration of the first Beach Volleyball Championship in the spanish capital, organized by the Madrid Volleyball Federation, installation by the specialist Cinfo four-camera Axis for the coordination of the event and the streaming of matches, will continue permanently in the Puerta de Hierro Sports Park as part of your security system.

Specifically,, this event has in place the installation of the models Axis P1447-LE And Q6155-E 50Hz (two units each), that have allowed the broadcast of the championship with high image quality and sound of the matches.

Axis Championship voley cinfoAs Pedro Navalpotro explains, key account manager by Axis Communications, "these types of projects allow us to give visibility to our technology and more in a high-level sports event, where image quality is a must. Installed cameras have the system Zipstream, that facilitates storage savings on recorders of up to one 40% more than H264, which improves performance”.

For Axis P1447-LE camera, ensures constant surveillance both indoors and outdoors, that during the Madrid Beach Volleyball Championship has been used to create a digital PTZ and on fixed planes. It is a very resistant camera with multiple applications.

The camera lens allows the capture of static or moving recordings with a resolution of 5 megapixels to 25/30 frames per second and in difficult lighting conditions (including the absolute darkness).

Axis P1447-LE also integrates Forensic WDR, to provide clarity when there are dark light areas on stage; Iris P for greater depth of field, image resolution and contrast; Lightfinder allowing you to get color images in nearly the dark, And OptimizedIR to illuminate night scenes or in total darkness up 30 meters away.

Axis Championship voley cinfo

The Q6155-E 50Hz uses advanced laser technology to always provide a perfect, instant approach to moving objects and rapidly changing scenes, because it measures the distance between the camera and an object in a fraction of a second.

This device also integrates Lightfinder technology offering optimal image quality with low noise, great sharpness and vivid colors. The use of technology in turn Sharpdome Axis and the Speed Dry ensures the sharpness and clarity of images when it rains.

The installation of Axis cameras first for the Beach Volleyball Championship and now as fixed devices has allowed to reinforce the video surveillance system of the entire Madrid sports venue.

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By • 21 May, 2021
• Section: Case studies, HIGHLIGHTED CASE STUDY, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Events, Services, Video surveillance