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hikvision heatpro

HeatPro cameras Hikvision incorporate advanced video thermal imaging analytics for perimeter protection, object temperature control and fire detection with real-time alarms.

Especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, The HeatPro Series thermal cameras Hikvision are designed to alert in any weather condition, with outstanding features for perimeter protection and fire prevention.

To this they add innovative functionalities, such as accurate classification of vehicles/people; visual and auditory alarms for perimeter protection and temperature detection alarms, very fast and effective for fire prevention.

Hikvision thermal cameras

Perimeter defense with AI

When securing a perimeter, higher accuracy and lower false alarm rate can reduce operating costs. HeatPro Series achieves this with powerful video analytics based on deep learning algorithms (deep learning), that help significantly reduce false alarms.

These thermal cameras focus on short-range perimeter protection (0-50 Meters), where they detect the target and classify it. The use of artificial intelligence technology (The) allows these devices to distinguish between a person and a vehicle, which is especially useful when two goals are together.

They also have the ability to easily locate different threats in zero visibility conditions, detecting the latent radiation emission of the object, regardless of visible light, in conditions of total darkness. They also don't emit light, so they're very discreet, very useful feature in places where it's important for them to go unnoticed.

Designed for quick installation, the HeatPro Series can be configured in just 30 Seconds, allows installers to spend more time making an optimal configuration of their operations, so that the false alarm rate is as low as possible.

hikvision heatpro bullet

Temperature control

Hikvision HeatPro Series features fast and accurate functionality for measuring temperature, which is critical in areas where overheating may occur that end up causing a fire.

These cameras can be configured with different equipment and functionalities, in format bullet, dome and others; with double lens (with optical and thermal vision) or with only thermal lens, as well as integrate for solutions and work with NVRs, alarm AX Pro and even Hik-Connect for real-time alerts by type devices.

For Peter Guan, Marketing and sales director of Hikvision Europe, "These cameras provide professional perimeter protection with unmatched accuracy and incredible fire detection”.

hikvision heatpro dome

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By • 27 Apr, 2021
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