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Optimus at Canfranc station

In the refurbishment that has taken place in the historic building of the international station of Canfranc the public address and alarm system has been used Optimus, including A-225EN ceiling speakers and SP-20EN acoustic projectors.

Optimus provides public address solutions, voice alarm and intercom for railway stations and has carried out projects such as that of the Canfranc International Station.

The public address of railway stations, in addition to providing low-volume ambient music in lobbying, common areas and shops of the station, it is essential to issue informational warnings of train arrivals and departures. Optimus provides suitable solutions in public address, voice alarm and intercom for such venues.

The adverse acoustics of the people, with high, variable noise, requires study- and simulation-based public address systems to determine the right speakers, its amount, location and power, as well as the audio processing needed to provide good intelligibility.

Optimus teams, in addition to complying with the above, integrate with the rest of the station's systems, using the data network infrastructure if necessary, and are part of the global security system, evacuation and voice alarm.

Optimus at railway station

Canfranc International Station

One of the projects optimus has highlighted in such environments is at Canfranc International Station. This is part of the railway history by uniting, In 1928, Spain and France through the Somport border tunnel, in the Pyrenees, opening up new mobility possibilities for people and goods.

Since the two countries had different track widths, at that time both passengers and goods had to transfer from one side to the other if they wanted to follow their journey, and had at their disposal all the necessary services: Lockers, currency exchange office, customs, Police stations, post office, hotel... among many other things.

The station has a large area, With 241 meters long, 12 wide, 365 windows – one for each day of the year –, And 75 doors on each side.

Recently, a refurbishment has been carried out affecting the historic building (international station), the tracks and the new passenger station. In this project Optimus has participated with its technology.

The station's public address and voice alarm system includes 2000 W RMS power and various types of sound points, between them ceiling speakers A-225EN and acoustic projectors SP-20EN ip66 degree of protection. All of this is controlled by a Compact audio array and a public address server. It is also noteworthy that these teams are EN certified 54.

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By • 26 Apr, 2021
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