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The A-228EN, 8" and 20 W RMS, it is designed to recess into the ceiling and is part of the sound points of the manufacturer's voice alarm and public address systems.

Optimus A-228EN

The new A-228EN speaker Optimus offers a maximum power of 20 W, with connections to 10 And 5 W by strip, and high acoustic pressure (Spl) more than 110 dB for application in voice alarm and public address systems.

Optimus A-228EN, with metal fire cover and frameless metal grille, it's designed to recess into the ceiling. Internally, this speaker is impregnated with an anti-smoke treatment and the set has IP21C protection. Installation is quick and easy, spring clamps with anti-vibration protective caps and WAGO connectors 221.

The A-228EN is EN certified 54-24 and is part of Optimus' range of sound points for public address and voice alarm systems where it is necessary to comply with such safety regulations.

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By • 29 Sea, 2021
• Section: Communications, Evacuation