This solution, that integrates QVR Pro, uses a processing algorithm that allows you to filter the 70% inadequate faces for recognition.

Qnap QVR Face

QNAP Systems has introduced the QVR Face Smart Facial Recognition Solution 1.1. By integrating QVR Pro, offers smarter surveillance and recognition management applications, which is ideal for a wide variety of solutions, including stores, door access management and VIP welcome systems.

"QVR Face 1.1 improves facial recognition accuracy and the number of recognized faces. QVR Pro transmissions are supported, in addition to supporting any standard RTSP format transmission to offer the Face Search feature. QVR Face offers a complete and private facial monitoring and recognition solution on a NAS", says Jason Tsai, QNAP product manager.

The new QVR Face 1.1 uses a pre-processing algorithm that allows you to filter the 70% inadequate faces for recognition (including blurry ones, move fast, and non-human) to improve recognition accuracy.

It can accommodate more than 10.000 Profiles, which makes it suitable for midsize or large business offices and shopping malls. It also integrates QVR Pro surveillance software 2.0, that offers compatibility with more than 140 camera brands, thousands of models and the ONVIF protocol.

QVR Face supports real-time video analysis of QVR Pro video streams and analyzed data can be stored in it. You can search for the corresponding faces and play back the resulting clips by simply entering a name, a profile key and photos uploaded in the Face Search feature of QVR Pro Client.

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By • 25 Sea, 2021
• Section: Detection, Video surveillance