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Called Mobotix Hub, will be available in different versions, from a basic for small applications to a comprehensive solution for large businesses.

Mobotix Hub milestone

The new Mobotix Hub video management system is the result of joint development of Mobotix And Milestone to offer centralized solutions, reliable applications ranging from small and medium-scale applications to large environments.

That's why, Mobotix Hub will be available in different versions, from a basic to a comprehensive solution for large companies, which will have capacity for an unlimited number of cameras, failover (Failover) and a wide range of analyses and integrations.

Mobotix Hub development is a breakthrough in Mobotix's advanced video system development strategy and cyberinsurance, in addition to expanding its solution proposal with ManagementCenter and Cloud.

Mobotix Hub milestoneThis is what Thomas Lausten points out, CEO of Mobotix: "with this solution we offer more integration and expansion options, I mean, more possibilities for our partners and customers".

Hartmut Sprave, Mobotix's Chief Technology Director, he points out that "no matter what the requirements are: if you use the right video management system, solutions will be more effective and versatile. Ours adapt to all sectors, however different the video surveillance functions needed in each of them, and that gives us an advantage over other suppliers. Flexibility and versatility are critical to responding to our customers' needs”.

Video technology is used for much more than to ensure security. Data needs to be collected to optimize processes, perform different analyses, market products and promote integration into other systems.

"As a technology expert, we have to live up to the demands of the market, always constantly changing. Mobotix Hub is key to this strategy, because it allows us to strengthen ties with other video management system partners and offer our customers the best solutions according to their preferences", Lausten concludes.

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By • 10 Sea, 2021
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