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Equipment with an online connection of 100 V and low impedance, ideal for being part of a public address and voice alarm system.

Optimus A-225QEN and A-226QEN

Optimus has incorporated into its catalogue the acoustic boxes for two-way roof A-225QEN and A-226QEN. Two EN certified solutions 54-24, with both online connection 100 V as in low impedance, very suitable for the issuance of voice messages and the distribution of music with high quality in fashion stores, shopping galleries, hotels and office buildings with large foyers…

Optimus A-225QENIn addition to the high-frequency tweeter, the A-225QEN has a speaker 5 inches for mediums and low frequencies and provides 25 W RMS; while the A-226QEN, with a power of 50 W RMS, incorporates a speaker 6,5 Inch.

Both acoustic boxes are installed on the ceiling with a simple and fast mechanism, by rotating reeds. The grid, metallic and frameless, is easily placed by magnetic clamping.

Rear cover is impact resistant, ABS in the 5" model and steel in the 6.5". With EN certification 54-24, can be part of the facility's voice alarm and public address system.


  • Two-way ceiling speakers and rear case.
  • EN certification 54-24.
  • Low impedance connection available (8 ohm).
  • Metal grille with magnetic clamping.
  • High sound pressure.
  • Quick installation using rotating tabs.

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By • 20 Jan, 2021
• Section: Alarms