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MinMoe models have received the 'Innovation of the Year in Security Hardware' award at Security and Fire Excellence 2020.

Hikvision has won the ‘Innovation of the Year award in security hardware’ by their access control terminals, contactless and facial recognition, MinMoe, in the Security and Fire Excellence 2020.

MinMoe terminals (DS-K1T607 and DS-K1T671 series) they work with deep learning technology that provides more than 99% accuracy in facial recognition and access times of 0,2 seconds per person. Based on Hikvision's experience in the field of security through video, are equipped with a camera 2 Mp, capable of capturing facial images in all lighting conditions, and dual lenses to prevent phishing.

The system also provides access to QR code and verification via magnetic card or token, as well as a video intercom function for visitors.

Hikvision MinMoeIn addition to its ability to control access through facial recognition, terminals use thermal imaging technology to provide a non-contact temperature sensing solution. Skin surface temperature test results have accuracy of ± 0.5oC.

They can be configured for the detection of masks and that they tell the user that the face should be covered and even deny access if they do not. Temperature detection is just as effective for those who wear masks. MinMoe terminals are also available as facial recognition modules for use with lathe access systems.

blankAs part of his winning bid for the Security and Fire Excellence Awards, Hikvision detailed the case of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, home to iconic war veterans Chelsea Pensioners. Here, MinMoe terminals were installed for contactless access, providing access to Royal Hospital dormitories and infirmary to residents. You don't have to carry keys with you., tokens or magnetic access cards, or remember entry codes.

"We appreciate being recognized by security and fire excellence award judges for this product. MinMoe terminals reflect our intention to bring technologically advanced solutions to market, effective and easy to use", justin Hollis says, Hikvision Marketing Director in the UK and Ireland.

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By • 15 Dec, 2020
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