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This device, of 4 megapixels and zoom 32x Starlight IR, incorporates an independent artificial intelligence chip and deep learning algorithm to recognize people and vehicles with great precision.

Based on WizSense technology Dahua, which features an artificial intelligence chip (The) and a deep learning algorithm (deep learning), your new PTZ Wizsense SD5A camera can be used in video surveillance applications, both indoors and outdoors, to run advanced recognition capabilities.

Dahua Wizsense SD5A thus offers improved and accurate recognition of people, vehicles and other objects thanks to their deep learning algorithms, ideal for intelligent monitoring in large outdoor spaces, perimeter security at borders, Etc.

To do this, this device has a self-tracking system and an IR sensor that covers a distance of up to 150 Meters, that by intelligently combining with perimeter protection makes it easy to develop automated rules for people detection, vehicles and objects in the event of intrusion or unauthorized access.

blankAdds SMD Plus functionality, also based on deep learning algorithms, identifying, effectively distinguish and classify what people are, vehicles or objects in the same scene, avoiding false alarms from other external elements.

Wizsense SD5A features IP67 protection and IK10 resistance, incorporates a Starvis Cmos sensor, a spherical lens and a 32x optical zoom, with a noise-free PTZ operation thanks to its quiet engine.

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By • 7 Oct, 2020
• Section: Deep down, Urban security, Video surveillance