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The Spanish manufacturer has introduced this safety system for medium-sized installations, consisting of Class D amplifiers of 500 W RMS.

Designed to EN-54 specifications, Nova's new public address and voice alarm system Optimus it has Class D amplifiers 500 W RMS, with a selection of six speaker zones and microphonic desks for remote control of the system.

In addition, Optimus Nova oversees power stages, speaker lines, microphones and pre-recorded messages. For added security in the installation, teams can connect in a loop up to 600 meters in length, so that if a cable is disconnected the system continues to function.

Key features

  • Main amplifier with power stage 500 W RMS.
  • Extensible with secondary amplifiers (500 W and six zones).
  • Each amplifier has six audio inputs, eight input contacts and eight output contacts.
  • Each amplifier has six A/B speaker outputs, with individual volume.
  • Handheld microphone (Fire) on the front panel of the main equipment.
  • Emergency mode: alertness and evacuation.
  • The system supports up to 32 microphonic desks, that feature programmable keys (zone selection, Music, Messages, Etc).
  • Equipment is interconnected via Cat 5E and Cat cable 6 (straight) RJ45 connectors.
  • The configuration and control program logs all system events.
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By • 23 Sep, 2020
• Section: Deep down, Alarms, Communications, Evacuation, Services