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This solution, with color monitoring 24/7, active deterrence and artificial intelligence, can accurately identify potential risks. An ideal solution for stores, warehouses and outdoors.

Dahua Tioc

As application scenarios become increasingly demanding, traditional security systems have trouble catching up and, often, face problems like fake pet-activated alarms, Insects, sheets and other objects. This added to the difficult recovery of evidence because at night the images are black and white.

To address these problems, Dahua Technology has launched camera three at one TiOC, a complete and automated security solution, suitable for private places that need to maintain order and warn intruders, like shops, Stores, Etc.

TiOC can accurately identify real targets with accurate alarm, effectively warn them with active deterrence and notify the user with real alarms.

The full-color image recorded by the camera provides human/vehicular evidence for future verifications and analysis, providing enhanced protection to residents, store owners and warehouse managers. It is also ideal for outdoor scenarios, as emergency lanes, who must always be free of obstacles, in most cases vehicles.

Dahua TiOC solution offers full color monitoring 24/7, active deterrence and artificial intelligence with WizSense IP cameras, HDCVI cameras 6.0 and XVR, and the upcoming PTZ cameras, what makes it applicable to villas, Shops, Stores, emergency lanes, Etc.

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By • 18 Sep, 2020
• Section: Alarms, Intrusion, Video surveillance