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Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence technology, these devices offer an effectiveness of the 97% identification of people and vehicles, in addition to reducing false alarms.

The new series of HX3X41 IPC cameras with SMD Plus Dahua Technology, sd49425XB-HNR models, SD49225XA-HNR, SD1A404XB-GNR and SD1A404XB-GNR-W, is especially suitable for application in museums, shopping malls and other spaces where identification (people and vehicles) be a priority.

This IP solution with artificial intelligence can be combined with the manufacturer's new recording systems (NVR4XXX-4KS2) and thus provide real-time monitoring, in addition to sending alerts if people are detected accessing restricted areas.

SMD Plus is the evolution of Smart Motion Detection that now incorporates a chip and artificial intelligence algorithms (deep learning), significantly filtering and reducing false alarms when irrelevant motion detections occur (Animals, leaves and tree branches, Rain, Etc.).

In this sense, the manufacturer points out that the integration of SMD Plus into the new range of IP cameras has an accuracy of the 97%, that in addition to avoiding false alarms, makes it easier for operators to find and analyse relevant information in event recovery through a simple and quick interface.

Another advantage is the display of alarms, so that the classification of alarm targets integrated into NVRs, DSS and DMSS enables quick viewing to identify intrusions from people or vehicles, in addition to sending alarms in real time.

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By • 15 Jan, 2020
• Section: Deep down, Video surveillance