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For this manufacturer, electronic security in this sector is moving towards artificial intelligence, combining image with data analytics and deep learning. A solution that allows retailers to improve their sales process.

Dahua retail video surveillance

The retail sector is focusing its efforts on automating and digitizing the purchasing process, where physical and virtual space can be mixed together to get the best service and experience for buyers. As Dahua, in this process, electronic security or video surveillance of the sector is moving towards artificial intelligence, combining image with data analytics and deep learning, that allow retailers to improve their sales process.

Video surveillance cameras not only provide security for the denied but have taken a leading role in image and data analytics. This is why Dahua believes that retail owners will take into account certain considerations when adopting or modernizing a video surveillance system:

– Video and POS information should be displayed simultaneously, both in real-time and playback mode.

– The system must allow text search to find invoices and their associated video recordings.

– Have a Fisheye camera that provides heat map functionality, showing hot and cold areas, depending on the flow of the customer. This will improve business analysis, at the time, that provides an image of 360 grades from the store's sales area.

For Dahua, such systems will provide retail or retail, benefits such as safety and prevention of losses; prevention or detection of internal and external theft; ATM fraud; as well as a safe and secure procurement process for the customer.

Also, provides business intelligence for OPEX reduction (operating expense, operating expenses, or operational expenses), increases store efficiency and improves profits by understanding and leveraging the direct relationship between in-store people traffic data and transaction data.

Dahua retail video surveillance

In-store one-way solution

Unlike e-commerce, the traditional retail sector faces many challenges in accurately calculating the flow of visitors to create an efficient adjustment of business operations, according to flow analysis and conversion rates.

In the entrance area for example, Dahua provides counting cameras to visualize how many come out and enter a store, at what times and days the highest public traffic is recorded. This traffic analysis can significantly improve business efficiency.

Dahua retail video surveillance

Their 3D cameras are able to distinguish people from objects and backgrounds, children's objects, and people who shop in groups, inter alia. One of the advantages of this system is that it optimizes the productivity of the staff, identifying flow cycles throughout the day, month or year; aligning staff and customer-personnel relationship with peak hours by interspersing workforce management with flow data. It is also possible to create a customer demographic (age, Gender, Expression, etc.) with facial profile detection and generate reports.

Ultra Smart Series cameras support up to 140dB of Wide Dinamic Range (WDR) for crisp image quality, even in high contrast or backlit environments. With them, you can control the store's entrances at all times.

Dahua retail video surveillance

In the store area, Dahua provides different solutions and, when combined with a Fisheye camera, the shelf areas along with the whole store are completely covered. Also, advanced analysis can provide a heat map of visitor flow distribution. Increased surveillance coverage greatly reduces theft, providing a secure buying environment.

Already at the checkout counter, your POS system,with the POS version 2.0, that integrates audio and video, allows you to search for information related to the point of sale, with a great capacity of analysis to provide a daily report of Business Intelligence (BI). All integrated with Dahua integrated management solution management software, DSS Pro, compatible with CCTV, Access control, Artificial Intelligence, video intercoms and license plate reading, inter alia.

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By • 6 Nov, 2019
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