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The latest version of this system of artificial intelligence of the manufacturer has a new design for the GPU to perform facial recognition, protection perimeter and search metadata with high precision.

The IVSS Server 2.0 (IVSS7000-I) that Dahua Technology just introduced to the market features improved artificial intelligence and deep learning technology, with a GPU design (graphic processing units) scalable to meet the requirements of any project.

Specifically, deep learning of Dahua algorithm now has the GPU group to perform facial recognition, protection perimeter and search metadata with high precision. Thanks to the

Advanced artificial intelligence features, the IVSS Server 2.0 It facilitates the prevention of risks through the quick and advanced search for video by means of analytical content.

This surveillance solution, the integration-based all-in-one AI (AI), It allows the client to more accurately meet your needs of security.

In this sense, series IVSS7000-I now records the faces using structured data and performs a check cross in real time, with accuracy you need to discover the objective using the features provided by the system.

Supporting facial recognition of up to 256 channels (Each allows up to ten rules IVS), the system can analyze up to fifty faces databases with 300.000 images in total.

Also, IVSS7000-I also supports search by image of faces, which means that users can upload images and compare them with those found recorded by similarity. Also can perform various functions for users, VIP recognition, blacklist alarm, identification of strangers, assistance administration, access control, etc..

Another benefit is the advanced perimeter protection, automatically filtering false alarms caused by animals, leaves, bright lights, shaking of the camera, etc. It also allows the system to act as a secondary recognition to the objectives, What improves the accuracy of the alarm in terms of costs.

Dahua IVSS7000-I supports metadata of video of up to 64 channels, by providing operators quick search through multiple channels to find out when and where it appeared a person or vehicle of interest. Addition, a graphical user interface optimized for easy handling users.

Being multifunctional, IVSS-I can apply to a wide range of scenarios, as in inputs and outputs of banks, business parks, shopping centers, schools, prisons and transportation hubs, etc..

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By • 20 Aug, 2019
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