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These advanced IP security devices offer greater protection and new features of Analytics of the Chambers, so that companies can make decisions, better-founded, in security operations and resource allocation.

The new ExCam FX range of Axis Communications It includes network cameras Excam XF P1367 explosion proof, ExCam XF Q1645 and ExCam XF Q1785, all designed to provide answers to two of the great challenges of any industrial environment: reliability in their operation and reduction of risks to health, safety and the environment.

The cost savings obtained thanks to the improvement of operational efficiency and the reduction of accidents quickly resumes the investment.

When a sensor is activated, Explosion-proof fixed box cameras allow operators to visually check system safety information, or control the process, making sure everything is still working properly and staff can work safely.

These three new cameras are Atex certified, Iecex and EAC Ex, Area 1, 2, 21, 22, IIC, Iiic; work in temperature ranges of -60 to 60 ° C and integrate Lightfinder and WDR Forensic technologies to guarantee an optimal balance in scenes with significant variations in lighting.

Other advantages are fast and economical installation with Poe, In addition to what their weight reduced to its location in towers or tall and its ease of integration with existing systems.

ExCam XF P1367 model has an i-CS lens to adjust the focus automatically, While the field of vision can be done remotely. Operates at a resolution of 5 Megapixels 25/30 FPS in H.264, with an excellent image quality and detail, which makes it ideal for detecting unauthorized persons, improve the protection of employees in risk areas, check the efficiency of the production and verify information of sensor systems.

Designed to offer increased light sensitivity, ExCam XF Q1645 model can be used to an HDTV resolution (1.080p to 100/120 FPS), and it is compatible with the electronic image stabilization (EIS), a technology that dramatically improves the quality of the video when the camera is subjected to vibration.

It also incorporates an objective i-CS and offers reliable information in real time about the State of industrial processes, as indicators of temperature control, sensors or valves of industrial plants.

For his part, The ExCam XF Q1785 camera is designed for long-range surveillance and operation 24/7 critical operations, as conveyor belts. To get it, account with an optical zoom 32 x, combined with an HDTV resolution of 1. 080p to 25/30 FPS, providing excellent expanded views of people and objects of interest.

Another advantage is obtaining images in high resolution, even in extreme lighting conditions; It has barrel distortion to improve image quality, even at the edges of the image, and it is compatible with the electronic image stabilization (EIS).

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By • 18 Jul, 2019
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