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The new DH-XVR8208A - 4 K-I systems, DH-XVR8216A-4 kg-I and XVR8816S-4 kg-I incorporate facial recognition and technologies of artificial intelligence and search metadata functions.

Dahua DH-XVR8208A-4 K-I

The Chinese manufacturer Dahua It has expanded its devices of protection perimeter XVR with three new models that offer video 4 K on coaxial cable, with functions of face recognition with artificial intelligence and search metadata, which allows end customers to automate many tasks in your application in retail, banking, etc..

Los modelos DH-XVR8208A-4K-I, DH-XVR8216A-4KL-I y XVR8816S-4KL-I incorporan una potente CPU multinúcleo, lo que permite una gran rapidez de procesamiento en la búsqueda de metadatos de reconocimiento facial, para extraer los atributos de la forma de la cara, genus, edad apróximada, etc.. de manera automática, incluso si el sujeto lleva gafas, Cap,…

A ello suman la integración de la tecnología HDCVI patentada por Dahua, It facilitates long-distance transmission, updating and monitoring, with a resolution of 4K on coaxial cable video.

Artificial intelligence technology XVR avoids false alarms caused by everyday situations such as fall of the leaves of the trees, rain, etc.. and sending only those that are produced by the detection and unauthorized access in the guarded perimeter of people and automobiles.

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By • 23 Nov, 2018
• Section: Access control, Control Systems, Services