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The drones will be operating the 365 days a year and is ready to fly in adverse weather conditions.

ArcelorMittal Asturias

For the first time in Spain, companies ArcelorMittal Asturias and Prosegur they have put into operation a service of surveillance with drones in Asturian Aviles of the first factory, whose facilities are pioneers in the introduction of this service, whose main function is to provide support to the security serving the factory guards.

The drones service, Active from the past 1 November, will be operating the 365 days a year. Prosegur drones are equipped with a dual camera, It allows to record images both in visible spectrum as heat, and are prepared to fly in conditions of rain and winds of up to 40 Km/h, which gives them a great operational capacity.

Prosegur droneThe incorporation of technology into the security services is a priority for Prosegur since, in this way, the company increases the efficiency and effectiveness of protection measures. In this sense, drones allow to cover the area occupied facilities with greater efficiency and speed of the, at present, the largest iron and steel Centre in Spain.

Thanks to the monitoring of the activity of the drones from the Control Center, mobile patrols get greater response to any security alert. And, in the event that generated an event that affects the safety of installations, the drones, also, They recorded images to generate a forensic test and enable prompt on-site security bodies and forces.

Sunset in up drones at ArcelorMittal Asturias service arises as a result of the progressive incorporation of elements of the latest technology to ensure the greatest protection of facilities. Both companies have been working some time to add value to the tasks of surveillance, mediante la integración de diferentes soluciones de base tecnológica.

ProsegurTanto ArcelorMittal como Prosegur abordan la seguridad de las instalaciones con un enfoque integral en el que cuanta mayor convergencia exista entre las capacidades tecnológicas y la vigilancia física, mayor nivel de protección se obtiene.

Prosegur fue la primera compañía de seguridad privada reconocida por el Ministerio de Fomento para operar con RPAS (Remotely piloted aircraft systems). Also, the devices are controlled by accredited security with the official title of professional drones pilot guards, that gives the State Aviation Safety Agency (EFSA), Agency under the Ministry of public works.

For Oswaldo Suarez, CEO of the Cluster of ArcelorMittal Asturias, "this new service is aligned with our strategy of progressive digitalization of the various processes and services, on our way to the so-called industry 4.0. Agradecemos a Prosegur su apoyo tecnológico para su puesta en marcha, que va a contribuir a mejorar la eficiencia de la vigilancia y seguridad de nuestras instalaciones”.

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By • 20 Nov, 2018
• Section: Case Studies, MAIN FOCUS, Business, Services, CCTV