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The Organization has detailed this new specification, It has advanced video streaming capabilities, with features for analytical data and metadata, and support H.265.

Profile T specification (Profile T) of Onvif It offers a new multimedia service to support the most commonly used for transmission of image of cameras with HD codecs: H.264 and the most current, H.265, so are used as needed.

With this latest codec, Profile T supports more efficient and hence compression rates, storage requirements are reduced, bandwidth and costs.

As noted F. Per Bjorkdahl, Chair of the Steering Committee of Onvif, "De T is an excellent example of how the Organization has adopted technological advancements within their specifications, and thus respond to the changing needs of the industry. In addition to supporting H.265, Profile T standardizes analytical data, transmission of metadata and other features to meet current and future requirements of the market for end users, system integrators and consultants".

Profile T integrates transmission of two-way audio and standard event types, ensuring that video management systems and other software clients use a set of events (included alerts such as manipulation and digital input/output of relay, inter alia) to support all cameras, regardless of manufacturer.

Another advantage is that it is possible to analyze a specific part of an image using the settings of motion detection area by means of an analytical service.

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By • 14 Nov, 2018
• Section: General