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These systems are compatible with the entire range of Hikvision network cameras, In addition to integrate natively with the rest of intrusion products, access and CCTV manufacturer.

Hikvision AXHub

The versatile series of intrusion AXHub of Hikvision It can apply to any commercial space, and residential, Since it integrates with other products from manufacturer. The panel is connected through the cloud this company, Hik-Connect applications, its iVMs and the central station (CMS).

Thanks to its full compatibility with the range of Hikvision IP cameras, AXHub series facilitates the verification of events in video iVaaS (verification of intruders as service); This combination has the value of having a video clip HD from seven seconds in the case of alarms; 5 seconds of pre-alarm and two seconds after the alarm.

Hikvision AXHub"Hikvision has pioneered platforms for safety systems which allow the verification of HD video, the remote control to arm and disarm the alarm, as well as the ability to change the alarm systems and video like never before seen", says Jiang Feng Zhi, Head of division of the company alerts.

AXHub series, available through Hommax Systems, It is compatible with the Hik-Connect app, of detectors and sensors linked to cameras with HD quality verification, allowing the end-user the ability to monitor the system from anywhere, and see remote system status, receive alerts, etc..

Hikvision hommax systems axhubThe panel can be configured easily, through the integrated web server. Also, the AXHub series features two-way wireless devices, and a high-sensitivity receiver, with a signal range of up to 800 m. open and encrypted with AES encryption signals 128 bit, which eliminates the need for repeaters and reduces installation costs.

These system communicate with multiple devices via LAN, WiFi, GPRS, 3 G and 4G, to ensure that alarm messages are sent and reach all the involved, and offer connectivity with up to 32 wireless devices.

Hikvision hommax systems axhub

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By • 13 Nov, 2018
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