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Easy to install and integrate, This network camera is designed and certified for use in hazardous environments, as rigs, chemical plants, etc..

Axis excam-xpt q6055

Network PTZ cameras range from Axis Communications It has expanded with model ExCam XPT Q6055, a dome protected against explosions with low weight and a profile, designed to simplify the installation in hazardous environments.

This camera PoE allows those responsible of the production area ensure the efficiency of operations and, both, comply with all regulations governing security and space.

ExCam XPT Q6055 allows the monitoring of the workplace in real time and visual identification in the event of an alarm activation. The camera is designed for potentially hazardous environments, as refineries, oil platforms, chemical plants, etc.. and it is certified for installation in areas with risk of explosion according to international standards.

Axis excam-xpt q6055Stainless steel housing has certification which guarantees the compliance of international standards (ATEX, IECEx, EAC): protects against corrosion in outdoor areas with very harsh conditions and prevents possible damage caused by water and dust, with a wide range of extreme temperatures.

In terms of image quality, the camera offers a resolution HDTV 1. 080p features optical zoom 32 x for optimum enlarged images of people and objects, What joins the focus memory function to quickly know what happens to monitor very large spaces.

The camera can be easily integrated into an existing surveillance system, which is a significant savings it is not necessary to hire specialists to install the device. Power supply, with Axis T8154 60 W SFP included, It can operate with a long distance fiber connection and thus installed on a specific connection box at ground level.

It also includes integrated analytics solutions from Axis to help security decision makers when it comes to allocating resources and also to reduce routine patrols. Also, It is easy to install other advanced analytic solutions developed by Axis partners, Thanks to its open platform and their conformity with Onvif.

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By • 12 Sep, 2018
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