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Called SG3iEV, this centralized system for the port authority has been developed by consultancy IDOM, in collaboration with Virtualware.

Port Algeciras Idom virtualware

The Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras (APBA) manages three ports located in this area (Algeciras, Camp and The Line) and the Port of Tarifa, in the Strait of Gibraltar, and numerous infamous (supply networks, Mains, Security, Etc.), located along this high-traffic coastal area, that place it as the first port in Spain and the fourth in Europe in terms of total cargo.

In recent years, APBA has deployed, in collaboration with Idom, a centralized asset management system, with 3D visualization and based on geographic information management technology (Gis) company Esri-, to more efficiently manage all the amount of safety and maintenance information handled by port operators.

Idom, company specializing in helping port authorities transform their ports into smartports by designing and implementing port management systems (Pms) and facility management systems in virtual environments (SG3IEV), has worked in conjunction with APBA on the definition and implementation of this new comprehensive facility and infrastructure management system.

Port Algeciras Idom virtualware

The main objective of this project "is to integrate all systems to support port operations, including security facilities, through a single interface in a virtual environment and allowing operators to turn data into information to better respond to events".

Like this, sg3iEVestá system also integrated with other port platforms, such as the video surveillance system (Sci) access control (SIGCA), port management (Pms) and with the simulation system for process optimization (Optiport). By interoperability with other systems, SG3iEV is able to represent in an advanced control room all the events that occur in the port, the relationships between them, as well as all security information.

The system provides CCTV information, access control, ship management, incident management, Etc; so operators have a full mink and knowledge, without having to access each of the systems separately.

Port Algeciras Idom virtualware

Added to this is intelligent camera selection and control, depending on the various security events taking place at the port premises, as well as the planning of evacuation routes, monitoring security cameras, facility maintenance, among others.

In this project, the Spanish company has also collaborated with IDOM Virtualware, specialized in virtual reality, augmented and artificial intelligence, whose solution also includes a 3D model of the Bay of Algeciras shown in a video wall, in configuration 2×3 with screens of 55 Inch, operators to view system information together, improving the operation and security of port infrastructures.

According to the data provided, since its installation and operation the results are being very positive, reducing incidents of unauthorized intrusion into offices; opening via alternative traffic by warning of traffic jam or shipment of maintenance equipment by camera breakdown, savings from the 35% time spent solving them, and 25% costs associated with these tasks.

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By • 11 Jul, 2018
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