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Twenty-five devices in high definition from this supplier network monitor property and guarantee the safety of visitors who come to discover this heritage of the 16th century, It is also used as a cultural centre and Conference.

Sony Alden Biesen

Commandery Alden Biesen, in the Belgian province of Limburg, It is one of the largest castles in Europe and owned by the Flemish Government, which is currently one of the major cultural and tourist attractions in the area, Since every year it hosts a wide range of concerts, exhibitions and other events.

With this varied activity and the large influx of visitors, artists and guests who come to this castle, the safety of persons, as well as the protection of the heritage against acts of vandalism and intruders and the need to determine the liability in case of accidents it has become top priority for perpetrators.

Sony Alden BiesenIn collaboration with specialists in security consulting DS Consulting and the Belgian integrator Seris-Technology, Alden Biesen Castle has completely transformed their system of video surveillance with the installation of twenty-five cameras in network of Sony in different strategic points of the enclosure.

The selection of video surveillance technology was carried out through the Organization of a test equipment from various manufacturers, during the day and night, which evaluated different situations on site, and that it was finally awarded to the solution of Sony cameras such as the best proposal for this project.

On the outside of the Castle have been installed bullet models E and V of Sony, and in its surroundings of the same, parking and other public areas we have opted for the rapid dome ER of this manufacturer, They provide a reliable surveillance under any climatic condition solution.

Sony Alden Biesen

The technology of Exmor R CMOS camera sensor offers a good quality picture in HD or Full HD, and its powerful image processing ensures that the license plates of cars and other objects can be clearly, even with a strong light background or in low light conditions.

Inside the option has been the compact cameras mini dome Sony SNC-DH110T, that he discreetly protect the treasures of the Castle, minimally alter the historical appearance of the rooms.

"This heritage urgently needed an update to its video security measures and these high performance of Sony cameras are the perfect solution - pointed out by Emiel de Smet, DS Consulting -. We are delighted that Alden Biesen is already making your investment thanks to the reduction in vandalism and other incidents".

Sony Alden Biesen

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By • 20 Oct, 2017
• Section: Case Studies, MAIN FOCUS, CCTV