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The innovative solution of parking of this manufacturer integrates ANPR, analysis of video and computer vision, It allows automatic driving, the guidance of vehicles, its location and comprehensive surveillance, enhancing the user experience.

Dahua intelligent parking

The manufacturer of video surveillance products Dahua Technology It has developed a new system of parking management that enhances the safety and improves the experience of drivers parking, Thanks to the replacement of the manual control of the entrance with ANPR technology, It also provides parking Guide. The seats available are automatically detected and the driver is guided towards them.

Thanks to the server PMS8000 all in one of Dahua, safety is guaranteed by a complete video surveillance system, that keeps records of each vehicle, including the data of the registration, the image and video. The parking platform has a map of space-based visual interface, making management and easy analysis for the common user.

Dahua intelligent parkingAlso, also a third-party payment system can be integrated into the system, with several possible scenarios for application ranging from airports, ports, industrial parks and department stores to small businesses, gas stations and residential complexes.

When is the Smart Entrance mode activated, the vehicle is approaching and automatically takes a snapshot of the plate, It is introduced into a data base and also detects the State of the vehicle (visitor or VIP). An Led display shows the driver the available parking spaces and the barrier opens without human intervention.

Dahua intelligent parkingAt the entrance by the VDP mode, a simple call using a single key to the call center is all that is needed to establish a conversation of bi-directional audio driver, that can open the barrier in remote.

You can also add the under vehicle surveillance system (UVSS) -created by Dahua as a clever substitute for checking the underside of the car-, that uses machine vision to scan under the chassis to detect potentially dangerous objects, while also recognizing the registration plate.

The design of the system is very simple: the management centre is connected to the input, output and car parks for a fiber cable, being that ANPR, Payments, Guide displays, barriers and cameras connected by Ethernet cables.Dahua intelligent parking scheme

Features of the parking management system:

  • Intelligent management of the entry: instant capture of plates, recognition and intelligent approval.
  • Parking guide: a screen displays the number of parking spaces available in each direction and guide the driver to the chosen free plaza. A camera's detection of squares indicates whether one in particular is free or not. A hierarchy of seven colors shows different types of available parking spaces and their status.
  • ANPR: the plates are automatically recognized by a server IVS or a space detector.
  • UVSS: vision of the lower part of the car scanning, able to detect foreign objects and send a scanned image complete operation unit.
  • Dahua intelligent parkingManagement of the Centre control: the information is clearly displayed, including images of the vehicle, license plate numbers, history of logging of input and output. The administrator can control the barrier and modify the State of the ANPR when an emergency. A data base which facilitates the search for key information within records is also available.
  • Comprehensive surveillance: real time video, Preview and playback images.
  • C/s architecture: supports two hundred users from different PCs, all sharing the same database.
  • User rights: Administrators can assign different rights to users as, live, alarm, playback, e-map, etc..
  • Guide of electronic maps: an easy to understand visual map allows the administrator to search records of parking, monitor the free space, detect free points and access the information of registration plate.

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By • 29 Sep, 2017
• Section: Access control, Control Systems, MAIN FOCUS, Business, Urban Security, Services, CCTV