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In this settlement of 18.000 square meters to be installed a total of 250 IB8369A and FD8166 network cameras. These are integrated and connected with the rest of fire alarm system and access control devices that are part of the solution of video surveillance Stratocast.

Hotel Gran Marquise Brazil

One of the largest hotels in Brazil, in the area of Fortaleza, that welcomes thousands of people each year and performs hundreds of events, has migrated its security system in an analog environment one equipped with IP technology.

Hotel Gran Marquise BrazilThe Gran Marquise is a five star hotel of 18.000 square meters located on the seafront of fortress (Ceará). With a history of 23 years old, account with a large infrastructure of 230 apartments ranging from 29 to 131 square meter, two presidential suites and 21 floors that 14 they are dedicated to rooms and 7 events, recreation and management. It is one of the most popular destinations among national and international authorities, artists and athletes.

This establishment is expected to install a total of 250 network cameras Vivotek, integrated and connected with other devices of the hotel in the video surveillance as a service in the cloud Stratocast solution of Genetec.

Before renewing your security system, the hotel had 500 analog cameras and 22 installed digital video recorders. This extensive system was limited to provide images of low quality and required a heavy load of work to locate and retrieve images of a recorded event.

“We review our services and we saw that we had a good Internet, excellent rooms, perfect service, But if a client requested images from security cameras, the only thing we could offer were noisy images”, said Jussieudo Gomes, Head of the Division of safety and technology computer science the Hotel Gran Marquise fortress.

Project in four phases

Vivotek FD8166To resolve this problem and improve the management and security has formulated a plan to develop a pilot project with Vivotek and Genetec. Divided into four stages, the objective of the project was to achieve the unification of management, safety and operations of marketing and commercial.

In the first phase, they were replaced 250 analog cameras by 48 Vivotek network cameras. Also the Genetec Stratocast software was installed, a tool for recording video in the cloud that does not require local servers, allowing you to monitor and share images with fully encrypted data.

The models that have been installed are the IB8369A, chamber 2 megapixel camera capable of capturing high quality video, with Infrared Illuminators with a range of up to 30 meters and a good quality picture of day and night.

Vivotek IB8369AIt also has Smart Stream II technology, optimizes the image quality for the most important regions of any scene. Thanks to her, the consumption of the bandwidth of the network bandwidth and storage requirements are reduced up to in a 50%.

Other installed model has been the FD8166, a network camera dome ultra small sets of 90 mm diameter.

“Because of the provision in the form of ' L’ Hotel, We had five cameras installed on each floor. Two on the aisle, because the distance from one side to another was too long to monitor single analog camera, one in front of the elevator, Another covering the ' L’ and more than one to the service area. Now, each floor has only three cameras: one that covers the ' L’ and the elevator, Another Hall and a third in the service area. Same thing happens at the reception: We put a different camera to the ceiling, and with only this solution we were able to cover the lobby, the bar, a part of the reception and the restaurant stair”, explains Gomes.

Hotel Gran Marquise Brazil

In the second phase, We implemented the solution of Genetec's Security Center in the Interior of the hotel areas. With this platform, the Gran Marquise managed to unify operations by combining all in a single interface IP surveillance systems. Now all access with CCTV controls are connected to the cloud.

The third and fourth stages are still in development. The objective is to install 250 total network cameras and unify the security system with the access controls and fire alarm system.
Also the analytical software KiwiVision installed, a system of automatic people counting cameras and 3D sensors, and objects added or removed from a scene detection. In this manner, It is possible to automatically detect if a dangerous object has been left or if something has been stolen from an area in particular.

Hotel Gran Marquise Brazil

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By • 4 Sep, 2017
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