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Jimena Genetti, Enterprise solution manager of Axis Communications for South America, It analyzes the latest trends in security technologies, information, communications and IoT to address urban development with maximum benefits for society.

Axis municipality Vicente Lopez

A smart city can be defined as a vision of urban development to integrate multiple information technology, communication and Internet of things solutions (IoT - Internet of Things), a secure way to manage the assets of a city.

To carry out an intelligent city aims at several: efficiency of services, sustainability, mobility, reputation of the city, economic development, protection and security. The latter requires a constant connectivity to detect, prevent, evaluate, respond and investigate, as the trends and solutions that are described below.

Surveillance cameras: the use of these devices is essential for the monitoring of the city, whether in a private sector (offices, business, transport, etc.) as public (traffic, City Centre, Tourism, etc.)

Reading of 'smart' boards: This system gives the possibility of crossing information of intelligent and automatic way with the police data bank, as well as sharing private information for public use for the benefit of improving the management of the city.

Automatic incident detection: the traditional monitoring video is usually used to verify incidents when they occur already. Automatic incident detection (DAI) It allows the operator to identify and respond to this kind of events in real time.

Axis urban securityTraffic analytics: Thanks to this data collection system improves mobility in the city effectively and efficiently.

Control of intersections and intelligent traffic lights: detection of presence of vehicles for the management and control of traffic lights, measurement of row in intersections and system that prevents blocking intersections (anti gridlock).

Digital signage for points of transportation: display systems network in bus stops and stations of all kinds offer valuable information for passengers, In addition to serving to offer messages of advertising according to the audience of the moment (genus, age, etc.).

Axis urban securityPerimeter security solutions: video analytics tools automatically detect intrusions and provide pre-recorded messages to deter these actions.

One of the most prominent cases in Argentina citizen with Axis technology security has been in the municipality of Vicente López, where in the past five years have been installed over eight hundred surveillance cameras in high resolution in the streets and other urban elements network to create a system of comprehensive security and cash that is today a leader in public safety transformation of segur South America.

With the registry in real time, the authorities have not only improved protection to the citizen, but that they have reduced timeout on several occasions, In addition to preventing incidents in transit by the city, responding quickly to any incident.

Jimena genetti axis South AmericaJimena Genetti

Enterprise solution manager of Axis Communications for South America






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By • 17 Jul, 2017
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