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Designed with a robust housing, the DH-HAC-HFW3802E-Z includes functions such as HDCVI, WDR and 3D noise reduction. Suitable for installing in any environment, 24×7, as a bank, industrial or commercial installation.

Dahua DH-HAC-HFW3802E-Z

HD coaxial DH-HAC-HFW3802E-Z camera of Dahua Technology It offers high performance ISP and a 1/2 image sensor technology″. Thanks to its 4 K resolution, motorized zoom lenses of up to 100 meters and infrared rays can cover a vast area with optimal level of detail on 24×7.

This solution stands out for its 4K technology, by offering four signals on 1 coaxial cable and allow long distance transmission . It incorporates the HDCVI function that is integrated with the traditional analog system without replacing the existing coaxial cable. The plug-and-play function allows Full HD video surveillance without the difficulty of setting up a network.

Dahua DH-HAC-HFW3802E-ZThe camera is compatible with 4K HDCVI and CVBS signal outputs and simultaneously with two connectors BCN. The multisalidas facilitate construction in situations as cleaning using a scanner. It also offers the possibility of co-operating with multiple devices, including analog matrix or a monitor.

This team of Dahua is designed with a temporary matrix IR Led to favor the low lighting in the maximum distance. The function go smart conforms to the intensity of the display Led of infrared camera to compensate for the distance of an object and prevents from overexposure of images when the object approaches the camera.

Also, It also has wide dynamic range technology (WDR), offering photographs more vivid even in the most intense contrast of light conditions, and advanced 3D noise reduction, that detect and eliminate random noise comparison of two sequential frames. NR 3D technology allows to reduce the noise, the least affecting the sharpness, especially under limited lighting conditions, Broadband reduces and saves storage space.

Built with a robust design, This camera is suitable for installing in any environment like a bank, in industrial or commercial facilities.

It supports dual voltage input (12 VDC ±25% / 24 VAC ±25%) and output 12 VDC, Max. 4In, fits even more unstable conditions of power supply. Index of 4KV lighting offers protection to the camera and its structure from the effects of the storms.


  • 1/2 CMOS sensor″ of 8 MP.
  • 3 x motorized zoom lenses.
  • Resolution: 3.840×2.160.
  • WDR function, 2D and 3D NR of 120db.
  • GO smart with maximum distance of 100 m.
  • Protected access to IP67 IK10.
  • Dual voltage input (12 VDC ±25% / 24 VAC ±25%) and output of 12 VDC.
  • Transmission of up to 500 meters with coaxial cable RG59.

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By • 11 Jul, 2017
• Section: CCTV