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These tools allow you to introduce a complete line of solutions for optimization of shops and prevention of losses in trade applications retail, allowing that these establishments can multiply revenues and avoid losses.

After the acquisition of the company of video analytics applications Cognimatics/mirame.NET, Axis Communications It has integrated their applications in network cameras and audio and access control products.

This commitment will allow Axis introduce a complete line of optimization of shops and loss prevention solutions by thinking in the trade sector retail, in order to have more information, multiply revenues and avoid losses.

"At the moment, any store is seen in the need to generate more revenue per customer, reduce losses and improve the customer experience. With these solutions we offer physical shops the same levels of business intelligence already enjoyed by online stores", says Johan Åkesson, Director of business development at retail from Axis Communications.

The new solutions will be marketed exclusively under the umbrella of the Axis brand and will help businesses in two key aspects of their business objectives: store optimization solutions allow to better understand customers and drive revenue, While the loss prevention solutions help prevent thefts.

Axis Store Optimization Suite

With this solution of optimization of shops, the combination of network cameras and audio products Axis with analytics and business intelligence software provide a high level of precision in fields such as people counting, detection of age and gender, calculations of occupation of the store and the supervision of queues.

The data are presented through detailed reports, designed according to the needs of customers, hosted in the cloud and accessible from computer applications and for mobile devices.

The solution helps to improve the customer experience and opens the door to new business opportunities, Thanks to features such as dynamic allocation of personnel, the adaptation of the information displayed on screens and in-store ads.

Axis Loss Prevention Suite

This loss prevention solution combines network cameras, systems of access control and video door entry Axis with a software analytics that can detect problems in real-time and intervene immediately, in situations such as the store without permission or unauthorized arrivals, taking advantage of other movements of input or output. Also, It includes a system of random selection that does not require the elaboration of profiles.

Optimization of shops:

  • Hardware network
    M30 and P30 network cameras
    P8804 stereo sensors kit
    Speaker cabinet C1004-E
    C2005 ceiling speaker
  • Axis Store Optimization Suite
    People Counter
    3D People Counter
    Demographic Identifier
    Occupancy Estimator
    Queue Monitor
    Store Reporter
    Store Data Manager

Axis Loss Prevention Solution

  • Hardware network
    M30 and P32 camera
    Driver door A1001
    Entryphone A8004-VE
  • Axis Loss Prevention Suite
    Direction Detector
    Tailgating Detector
    Random Selector

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By • 9 May, 2017
• Section: Access control, Control Systems, Detection, Intrusion, Computer Security, CCTV