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The new headquarters, located in Viana (Navarra), It boasts a security system with CCTV and anti intrusion that helps protect property. A solution that integrates video, Access control, presence and a single platform of security intrusion: WAF Food Defense.

Envaplaster It is a family business that for almost three decades is dedicated to the manufacturing of Thermo-formed plastic food containers. Develop custom solutions with technology as a basis for improvement, trying to anticipate demand and giving a prior solution. Its production is divided in 3 large areas called: pastry, fresh and precooked.

Continuing with its efforts to improve the service they provide, they have moved its headquarters to a new location, larger and better equipped in the town of Viana (Navarra). With an investment of over a 5 million, the new plant consists of 14.000 square meters of plot, spread over production area, Extrusion and thermo-forming, storage of raw material and finished product area, as well as offices.

It is a newly built, customer raised is to provide facilities of a security system with CCTV and anti-burglar help protect property. Mass Security, After analyzing the General needs of the project, and to be a company linked directly with the agri-food industry, proposed to enlarge your vision. Take advantage of the implementation of security measures, not only from the point of view of anti-theft system, but also from food defense.

With the help of consultants of the Group Food Defense, Mass Security raised a solution that integrated video, Access control, presence and a single platform of security intrusion: WAF Food Defense.

With 46 IP cameras 5 megapixel of resolution have been covered all areas subject to control. The model Brickcom Dome VD-502AE-V6 was located in inland areas, Although it includes protection anivandalica. Its Vari-focal optical allows you to adjust the lens to the vision that is required at each point. The bullet model, intended for outdoor areas, It was OB-500Af-A2-V6 with fixed optics of 6 mm. Its resolution and compact format IP66 allowed a rapid positioning on the perimeter of the property. Areas covering these cameras were basically step and access areas, production areas, the noble area of the plant and offices.

To cover more specifically the wide entrance area, was placed a camera's higher resolution FB-500AP and scope of optics with heated casing.

Access control

For access control, fundamental point for Food Defense regulations, He has covered both for staff and for vehicles. Pedestrian access to the property is accessed by means of an RFID reader online and a doorman outside IP. Once in the interior of the building, staff and visitors have access, both to enter and to exit to the factory, Thanks to a height lathe complete enabling step thanks also to readers on line and IP intercoms.

Once past this step control, is the presence of staff using a lathe of medium height with time control RFID terminals + keyboard. Access to the office is independent and also features reader on line and IP intercom for the passage to this area.

Access to the property for the vehicle is via the module Mass Traffic. At the entrance to register and identify the license plates of all vehicles including motorcycles, both national and international. In addition to the permission for given plates of high, users have an online reader for workers, and a non-authorized IP intercom. They settled 2 barriers of 6 meters each, as architectural element that controls the flow of vehicles.

A fifth goalkeeper was located in the area of loading docks for communication carriers with production office. Goalkeepers are integrated with the communications unit, making it easy to call different extensions and the powered doors through different codes.

Also related to access control, a padlock off line for access to the open area of facilities registered (compressors, Center of transformers and alternators), Thus managing the entry of unauthorized persons to this area. Included visits module to streamline their management and provide a more complete control of access and presence, even for people with temporary stay.

Different stores (raw, unfinished product, finished product...) they communicate by fast doors. To improve the work of the Carters and operatives with bulls that move large amount of matter and weight, different loop detectors were installed so that the opening was automatic.

To differentiate different door, Since the bulls and carts passing through different loops in transit without the need to cross the doors, placed recipients in the same areas of high speed doors and controls of different channels for the opening of each of them is associated.

Not to lose the security level in access to different areas of production, just give opening if fast access door terminal receives the double condition of opening by loop-command.

Management and intrusion

For the management of information that facilitates the WAF platform and monitoring cameras and notices, four posts of remote client settled. Two of them are configured in the production area, managing certain different cameras per line.

The third position is for management with permission to access all cameras, In addition to access control management, Export videos, presence control, etc... Fourth place for reception, view access points, manage access to temporary users permissions.

The system of intrusion is characterized by grade 2 and be connected to an alarm receiving centre with viewing after Mass Security alarm. In this way the facilities are protected permanently. Also, different partitions have been created in the office area, so intrusion permissions are hierarchical. Office hours is different from the production so you can have that armed zone, and that the night shift can be working in the area of manufacturing.

The emergency doors are protected with magnetic contacts which, in turn, are connected to each zone surveillance cameras. This helps if there is access on the same, It sounds an alarm in the platform of Waf and pop-up windows in the control points are managed.

Network Electronics is independent of production safety. A ring of fiber that runs along the floor was implemented, so a fiber cut does not imply the loss of signals.

Traffic management is made possible by four switch of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise 6350-P24 and transceiver to fiber. Bet on high-end switches improves data transmission and manages the information more securely. This ensures that the professional security solution is not handicapped by inadequate network infrastructure.

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By • 25 Apr, 2017
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