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The manufacturer of IP surveillance equipment and wireless surveillance solutions, Brickcom, has been added to your product catalog new type bullet cameras OB-OB-300Np and 302Np, which offer resolutions of up to 3 megapixels and Full HD 1080 p video @30fps for external day/night surveillance applications.

Brickcom Corporation has announced new cameras type bullet OB-300Np and OB-302Np, they represent a perfect day/night outdoor surveillance solution. OB-302Np with Sony Exmor CMOS sensor and cameras OB-300Np are ideal for monitoring critical applications. They have a superior dynamic range for exceptional performance in difficult environments of high-contrast lighting.

HD-quality 1080 p @30fps video

For traffic surveillance, IP surveillance systems can provide real time traffic and accident coverage, and the OB-300Np and the OB-302Np provides extremely clear and detailed images even at night. Bullet cameras type of 3 Brickcom megapixel are designed for a challenging application that requires a superior performance during the night and HD-quality video. The OB-300Np and the OB-302Np offer quality HD video ' in real time’ 1080 p @30fps offering video seamless to the end user. The OB-300Np and the OB-302Np offer triple codec H.264 compression, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG compression for optimum compression, reduced storage requirements, and a transmission more quickly.

Housing IP67 for conditions weather extremes

For protection against the elements, OB-300Np and OB-302Np series housed in a weatherproof IP67 rated casing to withstand the rain and dust. OB-302Np and OB-300Np cameras are also equipped with integrated fan and heater, allowing the camera to function perfectly in a temperature range from - 40 ° C to 50 ° C.

Intelligent multi-profile management

Cameras OB-300Np and OB-302Np Brickcom provides advanced image sensor profile management function to adapt to variable environments. With this feature, the user has the possibility to configure different sensors and the attributes of the lens in a profile, including the brightness, the sharpness of the contrast, the saturation, the exhibition, the noise, the white balance, the iris, the IR cut, etc.. Also, profiles can be automatically changed according to the conditions defined by the user, as day and night, Planning and Digital input. Up 3 pre-configured profiles (Day, Night, Sunset) and 2 user-defined profiles are provided for the camera.

Module 3G integrated and dual band IEEE wireless connectivity 802.11 a/b/g/n

Brickcom OB-300Np and Brickcom OB-302Np cameras also have a version 3G (GOB-300Np&GOB-302Np) and a Wi-Fi version (WOB-300Np&WOB-302Np). GOB-300Np cameras and GOB-302Np used a 3G SIM card to transmit audio and video data over a 3 G network. This transmission option creates an innovative surveillance solution outdoors that frees users from the installation restrictions caused by the Internet infrastructure. The WOB-300Np and the WOB-302Np support dual-band wireless connectivity 802.11 a/b/g/n and transmission of HD video for high bandwidth.

Through the use of dual band Wi-Fi, the WOB-300Np and the WOB-302Np are able to provide surveillance video and audio without the interference of network traffic from devices such as laptops, mobile phones and microwave. The high bandwidth ensures that high-definition video is transmitted clearly and smoothly.

Smart Focus (OB-300N series)

Brickcom Smart Focus integrated technology, OB-300Np cameras can be installed easily and quickly through a combination of intelligent functions such as remote zoom to adjust the angle of vision through the network and remote approach that eliminates the need for a manual focus. Also, each camera has a choice of multiple power that facilitates installation.

Profile S ONVIF support

Brickcom Corporation has also unveiled the new series of its products offering ONVIF support. These models include camera cube series, Mini box camera series, the number of fixed box cameras, fixed dome camera series, the anti-vandal dome camera series, the series of cameras type bullet for outdoor, and the series of Mini dome cameras. To be compatible with ONVIF profile S, These Brickcom products can be added to any existing security that is compatible with ONVIF interface standard.

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By • 9 Oct, 2012
• Section: CCTV