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The new devices of surveillance in network presented by Hanwha Techwin feature with this technology complementary of compression with H.265 that controls of form dynamic the encoding, looking for the balance between quality and compression according to the movement in the picture.


The new devices of WiseNet P series WiseScrean compression technology dramatically reduces requirements for bandwidth and storage of images with resolution of 12 megapixel, and they are similar to the cameras Full HD with lower resolution H.264.

The combination of WiseStream with H.265 compression improves bandwidth efficiency in up to a 75%, in comparison with the current technology H.264, which ensures that the new ultra high definition cameras (UHD) Wisenet P 4K's Hanwha Techwin, together with the models Wisenet Q's 2 and 4 megapixel camera, which the company introduced earlier this year, are among the most efficient in terms of bandwidth consumption.

hanwha-Techwin-wisenet-p-4k-wisestream"The sharpness and clarity of the 4K cameras are amazing, but at the expense of a very high bandwidth - explains Jose l.. Romero, general director for Spain and Portugal of this manufacturer-. Multi-pixel of high definition images can fill storage available in an NVR or server space when saved to a resolution and frame rate complete; a problem solved with our WiseStream technology".

The three new models GO 4K Wisenet P series are PNO-9080R (type bullet); PND-9080R (house), and PNV-9080R (Dome vandalproof), they are digital automatic tracking, that during those periods of low activity (for example, at night) can use it to detect objects or people in movement, to which are added functions of detection of blur, wide dynamic range (WDR), display mode Hall (Hallway) and correction of lens distortion, inter.

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By • 22 Nov, 2016
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