This NVR is presented as a complete rack mount solution that has a video display, storage and management. This team, designed for video surveillance applications, automatically detects and powers TRENDnet cameras.

Trendnet TV-NVR2216

The TV-NVR2216 networks up to sixteen cameras and automatically recognizes the cameras Trendnet. Also, allows you to install up to 12 TB to record continuous or event-based video from 16 high definition cameras. It offers advanced video playback and features free apps for iOS and Android and live viewing on a mobile device.

The new standalone NVR offers Full HD resolution at 1080p and 30 Fps, allowing up 6 Mp in H.264 compression with a single camera. this is a computer that presents a complete rack mounting solution with video display, storage and management. Its intuitive interface allows you to quickly explore live viewing preferences, recording times and advanced playback options.

Trendnet TV-NVR2216Among the options offered by this TRENDnet solution is the management of the on-screen display, image settings, vertical movement functionality, horizontal and zoom, motion detection, privacy masks, video manipulation and loss detection.

Allows you to create weekly programs of continuous or detected recording by movements for each camera, with video overwrite once storage capacity is reached. It also has multi-camera display options with variable time autoscan function.


Trendnet TV-NVR2216


  • Control up to 16 TRENDnet network cameras.
  • Two 3.5" SATA II bays with total storage of 12 Tb.
  • Ports: Hdmi, Vga, Rca, Gigabit Ethernet and USB.
  • Supports,, IPv6 and PSIA/Onvif.

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By • 2 Nov, 2016
• Section: Networks, Computer security, Video surveillance