Operating from Android or Apple terminals, TRENDnet IPView displays live video and incorporates zoom and vertical and horizontal scroll control functions of this manufacturer's IP video surveillance cameras.

TRENDnet IPViewTrendnet IPView is a surveillance app that displays live video from IP cameras on the screen of an Android or Apple mobile device.

Once downloaded and installed, this app automatically scans and detects TRENDnet cameras installed on the local network to simplify the setup process.
TRENDnet IPView allows you to see what is happening and perform operations such as zooming and vertical and horizontal scroll control of the cameras.

Security professionals can update the app to access advanced features such as PTZ default surveillance, split screens, quad visualization, self-exploration and video storage, and screenshots in Dropbox or locally on your mobile device.

TRENDnet IPViewThe TRENDnet IPView app, already available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, supports most IP cameras and network video recorders (Nvr) from TRENDnet.

This app joins TRENDnet's family of mobile apps alongside TRENDnetView (for previous camera models) and CloudView for cloud teams.

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By • 28 Oct, 2015
• Section: Computer security, Video surveillance