This new motorized network camera dome and PTZ of 3 Megapixels expands the surveillance area of a facility thanks to its horizontal movement functions, vertical and zoom.

TRENDnet TV-IP420PThe manufacturer Trendnet has available its new camera TV-IP420P, a motorized system with dome and PTZ that captures images and video in HD at a resolution of 3 Megapixels equipped with optical zoom by horizontal and vertical remote control to provide an enlarged viewing area that a fixed position camera cannot offer.

For Jaime Castro, Ceo of ISSA, exclusive distributor of TRENDnet in Mexico, "horizontal movement functions, This model's vertical and motorized zoom allow users to explore the environment to respond quickly to active threats. The motorized PTZ function makes all the difference for sharp, more detailed recordings to easily detect potential suspicious activity and people.".

In this sense, the user can use the camera's web interface and select a 3D zoom area that is defined to display live video with high detail and sharpness. In addition, TV-IP420P offers image balancing by Digital Wide Dynamic Range to deliver the highest video quality in dim light environments.

With a compact design, this network camera can be easily installed for indoor and outdoor use, as it has IP66 housing and IK10 protection to operate under extreme temperatures. TRENDnet offers free professional-grade software to control up to 32 company cameras, as well as mobile apps that simplify remote live viewing.

TV-IP420P at a glance

  • Recording at 2,048×1.080 And 25 Fps.
  • Horizontal movement at 350° and vertical movement at 90°.
  • Digital zoom of 16 magnifications and optical of 4 Increases.
  • Recording video to a NAS device or Micro SD card (not included).
  • Operating temperature range of -30 To 65 ℃ (-22 To 149 °F).
  • Receiving video streams triggered by tamper detection by e-mail.
  • Motion detection recording scheduling, recording schedules and email alerts.
  • Compatible with Profile S, Profile G and PSIA.

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By • 18 May, 2016
• Section: Deep down, Video surveillance