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Utah State University and Salt Lake Community College Faculty, have opted for an IP solution to optimize the security of their campuses and get the analog cameras they already had deployed integrated into this infrastructure.

Milestone and Axis at Utah universities

The open IP video management platform (Vms) of Milestone is helping Utah universities become safe education centers.

The latest technological innovations developed for the security environment are optimizing processes and minimizing losses in commercial areas such as stores, cafes and rooms with vending machines. Compared to traditional analogue video systems, networked IP solutions are much more versatile and cost-effective. In addition, make it possible to take advantage of investments made with analog cameras by connecting to low-cost video encoders.

Milestone and Axis at Utah universitiesFor these reasons, Utah State universities (Usu) and Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) decided to upgrade their infrastructure, based on independently located analog solutions in different buildings on both campuses, because they limited their display functions.

They needed a system that would allow them to have centralized security, that could be managed from a single control center located in each of the schools.

Milestone and Axis at Utah universitiesIn partnership with the system integrator Stone Security, these universities decided to implement an open platform based on an IP solution built with Milestone XProtect VMS and the network cameras of Axis Communications. Utah State University Center has 435 cameras deployed throughout their different locations, distributed across all the counts in the state of Utah, while Salt Lake Community College has 235 Equipment.

At the end of 2015, USU had already deployed Milestone XProtect Corpotate software with federated architecture to nine of its headquarters, had as a nerve center the Logan campus. For its part, SLCC University has opted for Axis camera standardization.

Both faculty companies use Axis encoders to integrate the analog cameras they already had deployed and integrate them into Milestone's IP video platform. SLCC currently has 180 cameras of this type integrated. Five of Utah's top seven universities are using a security solution based on Milestone software and Axis cameras.

Centralized video monitoring

Milestone and Axis at Utah universitiesWith the adoption of milestone's platform, have been able to centralize video monitoring and improve coordination with campus security teams. This has allowed a reduction in response time in the event of an incident and mitigate the theft of valuables of students and prevent theft in libraries.

Axis Easy Cameras Provide High-Resolution Images with Broad Coverage Through Optimal Integration with Milestone VMS.

USU has also leveraged this infrastructure to take it beyond traditional security features. The university has a farm where teachers and students conduct research on cows and goats. With this solution they can carry out their studies and monitor them in real time.

Milestone and Axis at Utah universities

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By • 19 Oct, 2016
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