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Recently adopted by the Council of Government of the community of Madrid, This endowment will be used to maintain and renew the safety systems, most onboard, part of the trains of the Metropolitan fleet until the year 2019.

Madrid's Metro Center control

The investment of 3,3 million euros, which will be Metro de Madrid up 2019 in video surveillance systems on board is intended to improve security and deter any type of crime in the 396 trains of the lines 8, 9, 10 and 12, models 6000, 7000 and 8000 1ª, According to the statement of the Madrid.

Also, It will also act on other elements that are part of the safety system of the Madrid Metropolitan, as it is the onboard WLAN network and control of trains. This network enables different computers connected to the on-board WLAN IP communication, as well as the communication with the network IP multi-service Metro (in land), extending it to the interior of the trains.

Metro de MadridOnboard video surveillance system allows to see images of the interior of the wagon from the cab of the train or from various positions of security on land. Currently the system provides video in real time both of the grounds of travellers in the driver's cab or on a remote workstation, as well as display of recordings that are loaded from a remote position and display real-time video of the next platform from the cab of the train.

From Arenal upper control center coordinates all areas and departments responsible for ensuring the safety and proper functioning of the twelve lines of Metro de Madrid, they used about two million people every day.

Metro de Madrid video surveillanceThe train control system is intended to control access to the controls of the train. Driving of trains can be restricted through the use of a contactless card and permissions management (and the handling of certain elements of the) to all the people you want to.

Moreover, Madrid Metro was recently awarded (in March of this year and for a period of three years) the contract of integral maintenance of the systems of video surveillance and access control in its network of stations to companies SICE SICE security, belonging to SICE group technology and systems.

This contract includes services, the integral maintenance of almost 5.000 video surveillance cameras at stations and more than 1.200 access controls.

Madrid's Metro Center control

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By • 22 Apr, 2016
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