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This integrated solution between IP security systems manufacturer and specialist vehicles detection and identification technology is based on control of physical access of Axis products, After being presented at the recent edition of Intersec Dubati also it will take to SICUR 2016.

Nedap Transit Ultimate

Based on physical access control products from Axis (more details at Digital Security Magazine), the joint solution from this Swedish manufacturer and Nedap Identification Systems, specialized vehicle detection and identification technology, leverages the IP network and open standards flexibility and compatibility to provide a system that is scalable and easy to install to combine identification of long-range physical security devices.

By combining the readers of Nedap to identification of long-range with Axis products for physical access control, customers benefit from an alternative open IP, flexible and adapted to the future that improves your security system.

Identification of long-range Transit Ultimate of Nedap reader, based on semi-active RFID technology, enables automatic identification of vehicle and driver at distances of up to 10 meters.

Nedap Transit Ultimate

Transit Ultimate is now available as a stand-alone solution, taking advantage of the open network architecture based on the management of embedded access software IP Axis A1001 control unit, that arose in the recent edition of Intersec Dubai and that it will also be displayed in SICUR 2016, of 23 to the 26 February at Ifema - Feria de Madrid.

Nedap uPASS readers offer identification of long-range vehicles using the latest UHF technology, and the company expects that these readers include this option as stand-alone solution this year.

Nedap Transit UltimateIn the words of Stephanie Hensler, Director of business development and access control in Axis Communications, "Nedap offers a very effective technology to improve the performance of the physical security of our physical access control products, ensuring greater security and protection. Through the combination of the experience and products of both companies we can offer a solution that not only strengthens the coverage of the security of existing customers, but it is efficient, cost-effective and scalable to meet future needs".

For Wouter Vansteenkiste, Senior channel development manager at Nedap Identification Systems, "the result of our partnership with Axis is that we are able to offer a next generation of independent physical access control solution to our sales channel, that leverages the full potential of our high-end long-range identification readers".

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By • 9 Feb, 2016
• Section: Control Systems, Detection, Events, Urban Security, Services, CCTV