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The Swedish manufacturer, so far a solution development partner with Citilog, strengthens with this purchase its proposal for IP video analysis technology for the transport and traffic management sector.

Citilog Axis SmartCamThe acquisition of Citilog on the part of Axis, so far technology development partners focused on traffic management as the joint SmartCam solution, based on the Q1615-E network camera and Citilog software, responds to the Swedish manufacturer's strategy of strengthening its real-time video monitoring business for transport safety and traffic management.

That's what Ray Mauritsson pointed out., AXIS CEO: "Citilog products are well known to the traffic industry and complement our solutions to the most demanding requirements in that market. Your commitment to quality development, innovative and easy-to-use products, is consistent with Axis' approach to providing value-added and competitive solutions that meet customers' needs".

Citilog Axis SmartCamCitilog, based in Paris and offices in the United States, Hong Kong and Spain, has a workforce of about thirty employees who develop real-time video analysis tools and sensors for transport surveillance, such as automatic incident detection, traffic data collection and intersection control.

Both companies have developed SmartCam (more details on Digital Security Magazine), a smart network video solution to help traffic and transportation management centers improve traffic flows with maximum fluidity, from reachful situations, holds and vehicles standing, up to serious accidents or extremely adverse weather conditions, with the aim of improving road safety and limiting risks.

CitilogCitilog products are used around the world to monitor roads, Tunnels, bridges and other road infrastructure works, as well as the city's traffic operations, so operators can speed up response time and redirect traffic more efficiently.

Under the terms of the acquisition announced by Mauritsson, Citilog will continue to operate independently for the time being, "as we will take our time to develop a long-term strategy and team experience with the aim of providing the best possible support to our partners and end customers".

Axis' executive has also clarified that this acquisition is welcomed by Canon, owner for a year of the Swedish manufacturer, "which has always expressed a clear position to place the Axis brand at the highest level in the network video surveillance market, and this includes acquisitions of this kind".

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By • 1 Feb, 2016
• Section: Systems control, Business, Urban security, Services, Video surveillance