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The security plan organized by the Secretariat of public security (SSP-BA) for the circuit of the Carnival of Salvador has expanded over the last year in 220 new devices in the Swedish manufacturer network, resulting in a total of 390 cameras installed in the city and 140 shipped in vehicles, in order to ensure maximum safety.

Axis Salvador de Bahia

The 220 new IP cameras that are added to the already numerous device of video surveillance installed in the Brazilian city of Salvador de Bahia on the occasion of the celebration of its famous Carnival responds to the security plan made for this event by the Bay secretariat of public security (SSP-BA), that it has relied on systems manufacturer Axis Communications, and that means a turnover record concerning the 340 devices of surveillance that were used last year.

The new IP video surveillance systems installed in the city allow read the registration of a vehicle three hundred metres away and see the details of the face of a person in a crowd. In total, the Carnaval of Salvador de Bahia will feature more of 390 security cameras distributed throughout the city that will be controlled by the SSP-BA.

Axis Salvador de Bahia

Specifically, greater Shield will be held in the historic colonial district of Pelourinho, It is part of the historical heritage of Unesco, as well as access to the party, with 40 and 162 cameras operating from this Swedish manufacturer, respectively.

Another novelty of this year is the installation of video surveillance systems in the access doors to the enclosure, with twenty teams enabled, In addition to metal detectors in order to inhibit the entry of firearms and similar in the circuit of the Carnival of Salvador.

The Lieutenant-Colonel of the SSP-BA, Marcos Oliveira, He pointed out that "these new cameras allow the adoption of a plan to optimize the use of the police force in the most violent areas, with the use of the images, both preventively and test in the elucidation of a crime".

Salvador de Bahia Carnival

Security in expansion draft

This new Axis video surveillance device are part of a wider project involving other cities in Brazil. In total, over eight hundred Axis cameras are used by the police for safety in stadiums, roads, tourist sites and natural areas, as well as at events such as the FIFA World Cup (more information Digital Security Magazine) or for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro held this year.

Specifically, This great safety project was initiated in the year 2013, When the Ministry of public security's Bay began to modernize and expand its video surveillance system, It was analog, one based on IP network, What was Axis technology and installation of the first Chambers, in that moment, 235 Q6032-E model.

Axis Salvador de Bahia

In a first phase, more than sixteen police centres (also the military) Salvador were the first to have such safety devices, with an average each of eight to ten cameras from this manufacturer. In 2014 four hundred cameras were purchased more than this model, and later 165 most of the Axis Q6044-E model; a device that has continued to expand until today.

This great device of video surveillance has helped police to solve numerous cases of violence with the help of images recorded by cameras, Thanks to which it has also reduced the number of lethal violent crimes, as noted from the SSP-BA.

This project has been extended to other cities, as Porto Seguro, Candeias and Camaçari, and some towns of Bay. "Operators can monitor areas up to now conflict thanks to cameras, that you have been strategic for the police work during the demonstrations and to avoid criminal and criminal behavior, thus anticipating problems. They are also used to identify the plates of vehicles up to three hundred meters away, which allows to control offenders", explains Marcos Oliveira.

Brazil Maracana Stadium

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By • 29 Jan, 2016
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