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The new Q6128-E model combines a compact design with ultra high resolution image (UHD -4K), ensuring the highest fidelity when viewing scenes and sharp images in all directions, especially suited for video surveillance in shopping malls, stadiums and city and perimeter surveillance, among other applications.

Axis Q6128-E

This device is the latest addition to the Q61 series of network cameras PTZ dome pan / tilt movement Axis. With exceptional image quality at 4K resolution, vertical and horizontal high-speed and powerful zoom functions, the Q6128-E model can be used both indoor and outdoor facilities, low light and challenging conditions, as shopping malls, open car parks and sports stadiums, as well as for city and perimeter surveillance.

Like the rest of Q61 series cameras, the Q6128-E model incorporates Axis Sharpdome technology for maximum coverage of large areas (and even below the horizon points), plus an excellent level of detail to enlarge, which it is compatible with electronic image stabilization.

Axis Q6128-EAs explained Roberto de los Santos, Sales Engineer Axis Communications Iberia, "The type Q61 PTZ dome cameras have been a huge success thanks to its innovative design and technical performance a avanzadísimas, and this new model adds a new edge: 4K resolution. There is definitely a market for PTZ ultra high resolution cameras, because they offer a much higher level of detail in many settings, as open spaces, crosses and squares ".

A system for fast and reliable installation, Axis Q6128-E runs smoothly at temperatures between -50 ° C and 50 °C; Speed ​​Dry incorporates the provision to provide clear images even in rain and fog has automatic function.

Among the functions that integrates video analytics motion detection highlights and Advanced Gatekeeper, which allows the camera to detect an object in an area and zoom in on that point. Thanks to its open programming interface applications, You can also use allows a number of intelligent video applications from other vendors.

Axis Q6128-ETechnical specifications of Axis Q6128-E:

  • Excellent video quality with ultra-high resolution – 4K (8 megapixel) a frame rate 25/30 FPS.
  • 12x optical zoom with autofocus.
  • Horizontal fast and precise movement, with a displacement of more than 700 degrees per second to follow objects moving at high speed.
  • Transparent dome cover and undistorted.
  • Integrated protection against dust, pressure water jets, rain, snow and sunlight.
  • Impact resistance (Certificación IK08).
  • Impact detection with automatic alarms to prevent tampering and vandalism.
  • Temperature control function Arctic.
  • Available in the fourth quarter 2015 through distribution channels Manufacturer.

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By • 24 Nov, 2015
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