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Solution from end to end of the Avigilon allows the University of Tennessee have a system capable of monitoring monitoring the 500 acres that make up the campus and protect more of 130.000 fans attending the matches of the Tennessee Volunteers.

Avigilon University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee (UT) It has deployed an end-to-end solution for Avigilon to safeguard students, employees and visitors, as well as to improve security throughout the campus.

Located in the Centre of the city of Knoxville (Tennessee), This is one of the oldest public universities the United States. Has more of 27.500 degree with a broad campus and postgraduate students of 550 acres. The University of Tennessee is integrated by 230 buildings, including the Neyland Stadium, one of the largest in the United States and the home of the Tennessee Volunteers football teams (Vols).

Avigilon University of TennesseeThe solution of Avigilon It helps police and security personnel to manage situations providing high definition video in real time.

“The University of Tennessee is committed to maintaining its campus as safe as possible and Avigilon solution is an important part of our daily security procedures and our plan of emergency management", explains Brian Browning, Director of administrative services and support from the UT.
Avigilon University of TennesseeIn the days in which football matches are held, University of Tennessee stadium can go up to 130.000 amateur. With the new security system, the order forces can monitor the activities carried out and provide the logistics required to accommodate large crowds, security, being able to monitor both inside and outside before, during and after each game.

The high resolution cameras of Avigilon which have been installed in the campus offer great image clarity and provide a wide dynamic range; namely, they automatically adjust to light allowing you to see both in great clarity as the very dark areas.

Avigilon University of TennesseeThe solution also includes mobile applications so that security personnel can see on their devices is happening anywhere and time.

Avigilon system operates intelligently, being able to detect what is normal and what is not. This feature has allowed that security personnel can see in real time what is happening and direct its resources safely and fast.


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By • 6 Nov, 2015
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