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Built with stainless steel casings 316 I, These new devices of network video surveillance offer images with resolution full HDTV in hazardous environments, as the sectors of oil and gas, as well as areas with adverse climatic changes, as maritime areas and naval applications, or dusty, as in the textile and paper industry.

Axis XP40-Q1765

The manufacturer of network video systems Axis Communications He has presented its first IP cameras (XF40 Q1765 fixed and PTZ XP40-Q1765 models) proof for high risk environments, critical and difficult climatic and environmental conditions, featuring stainless steel casings of 316 I with Atex certifications, IECEx and cLCus, manufactured by the British specialist Oxalis Group.

For Erik Frannlid, Director of Product Management, Axis Communications, "with new network explosion proof camera we put in the hands of the directors of the oil industries plants, gas, Chemistry, paper and textile a powerful solution of video surveillance for hazardous areas. Also, our wide range of products for security zones is complemented by these two models, that opens the door to new facilities and markets. We have joined forces with Oxalis Group to create something unique".

Axis XF40 XP40-Q1765 and Q1765XF40 Q1765 and XP40-Q1765 cameras are designed to avoid any explosion. Their shells prevent the formation of sparks inside and also explosions caused by exhaust gases and flammable or the dust present in the air. Also, they can be installed with accessories certified explosion proof, as wall brackets, for poles or a tank of pressurized cleaning fluid.

Both models offer an optimal image quality, with resolution full HDTV, and color fidelity, that it can be integrated easily with other equipment, as access control and fire alarm systems. Also, remote access through any existing IP network provides even more flexibility. XP40-Q1765 model (PTZ) It also offers 360 ° continuous horizontal and vertical motion.

These devices are compatible with the largest base of the sector video management software through the program's partners, application developers of Axis Camera Station, as well as with the platform Onvif to facilitate the integration of the system and also the incorporation of new intelligent functions through the development of applications.

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By • 26 Oct, 2015
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