With the SNC toolbox mobile app, Sony offers a tool that makes it easier to set up video surveillance cameras. Display live images from the camera via WiFi, to a smartphone or tablet, and allows you to adjust the field of view and focus.

Sony SNC toolbox mobile

The SNC mobile toolbox app from Sony speeds up and simplifies the setup process for installers and security officers across Sony's fleet of networked cameras.

Through the camera's connection to the wireless network, Installers can view live video footage from the camera on their smartphone or tablet screen, Check the settings on the camera or even adjust the zoom and focus, without the need for a PC or physical access to each camera.

To adjust the focus and zoom of Sony's latest generation 4K cameras, SNC-VM772R, simply plug in the optional IFU-WLM3 USB wireless LAN module and contact the mobile device with the camera. The NFC function will establish a secure connection with the Sony Xperia phone/waterproof tablet or any other mobile device.

Without jeopardizing network security, the SNC toolbox mobile app uses a direct WiFi connection between the phone and the camera, allowing installers to adjust parameters and view live images from the cameras directly on the screen. In addition to focus and zoom, SNC toolbox mobile also allows you to control other functions of the SNC-VM772R, such as the aspect ratio, Image stabilizer or distortion correction.

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By • 21 Oct, 2015
• Section: Video surveillance