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Both companies will show during the event focused joint IP video solutions to traffic management support, as the camera Axis Q1615-E-Citilog software based.

Citilog Axis SmartCam

Editing 2015 International Salon of safe and sustainable mobility, Trafic, to be held 29 September to 2 October in IFEMA -Feria de Madrid, It will include the participation of Axis Communications and your partner Citilog (stand 5E04) Joint to show video IP solutions focused on traffic management support, such as SmartCam, based on the camera Axis Q1615-E and Citilog software.

SmartCam solution, It will form part of the 'innovation Gallery' of the fair, It is an intelligent network video solution to help manage traffic with maximum fluidity, from situations of reaches, withholdings and stopped vehicles, to serious accidents or extremely adverse weather conditions.

Citilog Axis SmartCamAs noted from the company, "the number of vehicles and the length of the road networks continue to rise and more and more relies on video systems to achieve the best possible traffic management. These and other reasons make Axis, in collaboration with its partners, "entities of public administration and companies available to private intelligent network video solutions that help manage the traffic like never before".

Solutions offered by this company and its partners enable you to get traffic in high resolution video and reliable uninterrupted; automatic alerts of incidents; historical and real-time traffic data, etc..

Traditionally, DAI systems (Automatic incident detection) they have pointed out servers to perform processing of the analytical software. With the increase in the capabilities of IP video cameras, These analytics can be processed directly inside the camera, what it means to carry the analysis to the source, helping to generate significant savings in hardware.

During Trafic 2015 analytical solutions embedded in the camera with a wide range of products will be displayed, that it can be mounted both indoors (tunnels, parking,…) as in exteriors and are able to handle significant variations of light, such as strong backlight due to the position of the Sun or the direct light from the headlights of cars.

Solutions proposed by Axis Communications and Citilog traffic management pursue to improve traffic safety by reducing intervention time and alert those places with the highest rate of accidents. They also seek to limit the risks of trafficking and reduce travel times, as well as protect sensitive locations of terrorist threats, hooliganism and demotions.

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By • 4 Sep, 2015
• Section: Events, Infrastructure, Urban Security, Services, CCTV