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Last version of the Honeywell DVM R600 intelligent monitoring software helps organizations to effectively manage security. Extends the mobile capabilities and control by voice commands, In addition to mitigating the business risk due to their compatibility with current computing platforms.

Honeywell DVM R600 Video Wall

Honeywell It has launched a new version of its software for intelligent surveillance (Digital Video Manager – DVM) that increases reliability and increases productivity through control through mobile devices and voice.

The novelties of the DVM R600 version include an improvement in the access to and use of the system, in order to increase productivity and reduce response time. Security personnel can access high-definition videos using a mobile device, enabling continuous monitoring from anywhere. Also, they can also control DVM by using voice commands to manage more easily multiple video sources and perform actions on the system in real time.

"When there is an incidence each second account and security personnel must act quickly in the event of threat. Last updated DVM helps identify problems and respond quickly, in order to mitigate the impact on security and business continuity, regardless of if you work from a central computer or anywhere connected via a mobile device", declares John Rajchert President of Honeywell Building Solutions.

Honeywell DVM R600

In addition to improving the user experience, This new version facilitates the integration of computers and compatibility with existing operating systems and Microsoft databases, as Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer 11 and SQL Server 2014. DVM R600 also allows you to deploy and intelligently grouped multiple redundant servers to strengthen the reliability of the system and make it more robust against failures.

DVM R600 also includes other innovations like the possibility to accelerate the analysis of the data or the reduction of the storage requirements.

With DVM R600, security agents can simultaneously export images and sequences from multiple video sources to speed up the response to incidents, as well as to collect and archive data related to these rapidly.

For his part, dynamic recording allows the system to capture important videos with a higher frame rate and collect dispensable sequences with a lower frequency, reducing storage requirements and associated costs up to in a 40 %.

DVM is a component of Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI), system of building management that integrates all the elements of video surveillance security, Access control, detection of intrusion and fire protection.

EBI also has the comfort-related modules, management and energy efficiency, among other advanced controls, providing a single point of access to information and essential resources needed to monitor, manage and protect an installation, a complex or several centers.

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By • 26 Aug, 2015
• Section: Access control, Control Systems, Detection, Intrusion, Computer Security, CCTV