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Compatible with the H.264 compression standard, Axis Zipstream technology reduces bandwidth and storage capacity in video surveillance applications without decrease of the quality of the images and avoiding additional investment.

Axis Zipstream

The Zipstream technology of Axis Communications It reduces bandwidth and storage requirements, without having to invest in new cameras or software. It is fully compatible with the H.264 compression standard and has been specifically developed for video surveillance applications.

"With technology Axis Zipstream, We allow our customers a drastic reduction of the bandwidth and storage needs. Add a new module within the camera video compression engine, which ensures that the important details in the image receives the attention enough in video sequences, While all unnecessary data are compressed", explains Roberto de los Santos, Axis Communications Iberia sales engineer.

Axis M1124-E and M1125-E

Axis Zipstream technology analyzes and optimizes the network camera video sequences in real time. The scenes containing relevant details are recorded in highest quality (resolution and frames per second), to optimally use the bandwidth and storage available. Important details for further research as the faces, tattoos or the vehicle registration plates are isolated and preserved, While other areas of less interest as white walls are filtered, grass or vegetation, killed by anti-aliasing (smoothing) to save the most in storage.

ZipStream can be used together with other technologies of network cameras from Axis as Wide Dynamic Range – Forensic Capture and Lightfinder, as well as with the Camera Station and Camera Companion manufacturer software platforms, and facilities management software from third-party companies already in use video.

Axis is incorporating the Zipstream technology in its Q1615 network cameras, Q1635, P1365 /- E and the series AXIS Q35, through firmware updates. It is estimated that the first new products with pre-installed Zipstream will be network cameras fixed M1124 /- E, M1125 /- E and P1365 /- E and network cameras dome fixed P3224-LV /-LVE and P3225-LV /-LVE.

Models M1124 /- E and M1125 /-E are low-cost network cameras that incorporate objectives with CS mount, day/night functionality, WDR - Forensic Capture and enhanced analytical capabilities, suitable for shops and other facilities for both outdoor and indoor.

Cameras of network AXIS P3224-LV /-EBL and AXIS P3225-LV /-vers are fixed domes, versatile and easy to install providing a high image quality in all lighting conditions, Thanks to the combination of OptimizedIR and WDR technology - Forensic Capture.

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By • 15 May, 2015
• Section: General