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The first testing tool the client just presented Onvif allows to verify if customers comply with the specifications of safety for S profiles, G and C, available both to members of the Organization and in the developers Forum.


In order to facilitate its members compliance with interoperability in the security environment, the test tool client just presented Onvif It allows checking of customers hardware and software-based systems, as video and physical security information management (MISP), buildings management, etc.. to find out if there is compliance with the specifications and mandatory requirements of the S profiles (transmission and video settings); G (for recording of searches), and (C) (for control of doors and access points).

This new test tool allows Onvif verify that customer has been tested with multiple devices and to comply with the specifications in accordance, Since until now manufacturers had to prove that his client offered those specifications with a minimum of three devices of individual profile to obtain a declaration of conformity.

ONVIF-Device-ManagerHugo Brisson, President of the Onvif test working group, It pointed out that "customer of Onvif test tool was created to respond to the demand for community safety to increase interoperability and responsibility. This initial release of the client test tool puts the Organization one step closer to having a transparent and integrated process and achieve standards compliance".

The specifications for each profile will be included in the second version of the client test tool, currently scheduled for the summer of 2015, and new versions of service every six months will be introduced to expand the scope of testing and more functions.

Created in 2008, the Onvif organization currently has more of 500 members worldwide and more than 4.000 products supported and continuously growing.

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By • 11 May, 2015
• Section: Training, Business, Services, CCTV