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With connection to a system of video surveillance and IP telephony, the exponential network C3003-E speaker developed by Axis Communications facilitates the transmission of emergency messages or evacuation of long reach and intelligible with easy installation outdoors.

Axis C3003-E

Speaker network Axis C3003-E, with design horn type, offers easy installation outdoors (places, stations, schools, stadiums,…) to spread messages or announcements of emergency with a projection of clear voice and long range through the network.

This open platform device can be connected to a system of video surveillance or IP telephony for the broadcast of messages from anywhere. In situations of supervision by live video, C3003-E allows the operator remotely approaching people and discourage them from committing undesirable acts, as well as playing pre-recorded audio files when activated manually or automatically in response to an alarm situation.

Axis C3003-EC3003-E axis is activated with video management software (VMS) -such as Aimetis, Genetec, Milestone Systems and Nice Systems, as well as Axis Camera Station 4.20-, supports two-way audio and voice over Internet Protocol telephone systems (VoIP) they used SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

It has a built-in amplifier compatible with PoE power and connects directly to an IP network with a network cable for communication and power.

Axis C3003-EWith low power consumption, this exponential network speaker delivers a power of sound that exceeds the 121 dB, allowing a prompt screening of up to 100 meters.

System developed by this manufacturer of security network also includes a self-test feature to test proper operation

Sergio Fukushima, Technical Manager of Axis Communications, It stresses that "the speaker C3003-E is a real device IoT (Internet of Things) offering many advantages by being connected to an IP network. One of the differences, for example, is your Auto Test function, It checks to see if the device is in operation and provides feedback to the system audio, what allows to have the certainty that the message is being delivered".

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By • 22 Apr, 2015
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